Kim Lyon is a magical mermaid who plays with paint, beads, collage and polymer clay.

Like many sea creatures, she goes beach-combing to find driftwood and shells to build magic wands for mermaids.

While home for me is really on the West Coast of Canada, I am now living on the East Coast to spend time with my lovely family including two great rescue cats.

Spring 2018 was spent on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. continuing the downsizing of ‘things’ and moving what I am keeping to Summerside, PEI.

Now I have what I need to keep creating and to finish the myriad of works in progress.

After seeing Maude Lewis’s work and house in Nova Scotia, I decided to try my hand at painting in a folk art style. This is the home my Mother grew up in.

Yes, that is a retired lobster boat living in the wild raspberry bushes. My Mother loves to use it as her painting studio in the summer